About Us!

Dream For Life is a community based initiative.

A nonprofit company based in Moshi, with focus on supporting formal and informal education progress of children, and young individuals.

The children and the young individuals that show effort to seek or acquire education or formal form, or in skill building by apprenticeship, are connected with the appropriate centers, workshops, schools or vocational centers.

Dream For Life pays for the school fee, or training fee, and monitor the progress of the student.

Dream For Life works on Christian principles.

Our goal is to encourage thoughtfulness, creative ideas, personal progress and growth. This can only be achieved by education and skill building.

Our primary motivation for the organization is Christ’s word found in Matthew 25:40.

As you have done to the least of these….. You have done it unto me..

This Christ centered organization is driven by the values of compassion, caring, commitment and change.

We truly believe that by giving of ourselves and extending Christian love to our brothers and sisters in Tanzania, we can make a life changing difference.

By giving back we will try to build a bridge of hope for those who have none.

By sharing only a small part of our blessings, we can give them a future.

Spiritually we strive to be the “hands, feet and face” of our lord, Jesus.


John and Dotto Olafsen is the Directors responsible for the daily activities in Dreams For Life. They live just outside Moshi town, and are the people you will meet when you visit D4L.

Henny is the Creative Consultant of D4L, and is an educated Designer, living and working in Norway.