Future Plans

D4L strives to be independent when it comes to funds and finances.

We don’t believe that donors will be interested in giving a continuous flow of the required funds for children’s school-fees over time.

We have seen to many organizations come and go because their source of funds have dried out, and the victims of this is the children and those who are benefitted by these organizations.

It’s hard to stand by and see that an orphanage stops to exist, and the children are left to their fate.

We want our organization to exist for a long time, and to be able supply our targeted ground with consistency and lasting opportunities. We have extensive knowledge of the local community and how life is in Tanzania. Therefor we want to create our own income by starting several small shops in the areas where we work. We want to finance local shops like tailoring, bakeries, boutiques, small supermarkets and so on.

We want them to be independent and run under normal business rules, to make a profit. The difference is that the profit from these local enterprises are directed back to D4L, and distributed among the children for school fees and what is needed to provide education for these kids.

In addition to create a steady supply of income, we also benefit the local society with jobs and supplies on a local level.

D4L is constantly looking for opportunities to start a new shop or small business, and we need help to do so. We don’t ask for a continuous supply of funds, but help to create a lasting source of income. Normally 1000$ will send a number of kids to school for some time. Then the money runs out, and a new supply of funds will be needed… If we invest in a small shop, we create an income. That means that the 1000$ invested will be like planting a seed. That way the invested money will keep growing, and produce possibilities for a long time. The persons benefitted with work will be able to provide for their families, the shop will benefit the society, and the children will be enabled to receive help for a long time.

This is what we call help to self-help.

Making people dependent on aid is not good. Not for the givers, and not for the receivers. It takes an effort to create a life, and by showing that we are willing to make that effort, we also will set an example for others.

This will also make it simple for the donor or investor to monitor where the funds are going, and how it will benefit the community at every level. Business regulations require a proper accounting, so monitoring is easy.

D4L Have different projects planned, and cost of these projects varies from 4.5 million shillings and up to bigger projects of 30 million shillings. The income possibilities or value for the investment are good, and a far better way of donating. Seeing your donation grow and benefit children for years to come is the best way of giving help.

Please contact us for more information regarding different projects that might suit your level of investment.