Our Projects  

Dreams For Life is engaged in community development in several areas, and has as one of the goals to be financial independent, and by reaching that goal to set an example for other organizations that is operating in Tanzania. We believe that it’s possible to operate an organization independent from donors, and thereby be self-sufficient regarding funds for the operation.

Most organizations are totally dependent on outside funding from donors and sponsors, and tend to be operational for some time, and then disappear cause of lack of funds, leaving people even worse off than before. When we reach our goal of being independent regarding funds, we will have a stabile organization that can benefit the local society for many years to come without fear of donors disappearing.

Dreams For Life is doing this by establishing local businesses such as bakeries, hair-saloons, mini-supermarkets, children’s playgrounds etc. We benefit the local society with employment and with a possibility to obtain what they need at a local level. The profit is used to pay for children’s education, vocational training, skill building and information campaigns regarding HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Dreams For Life are also engaged in providing eye check-ups and glasses to school-children in rural areas in Tanzania….

Dreams For Life are involved in re-forestation in collaboration with local authorities….

DreamsFor Life is able to do this with the help of investors and donors that believe that it’s better to “teach a man to fish, rather than give him the fish.” We believe that it’s better to invest in something that bring income for years to come rather than give “one fish” at the time, and thereby be a sustainable organization that is stable and dependable.